“I’m still at war.”

This is an incredible movie. As Newton’s Third Law of Motion states: “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Whether you win or you lose, whether you torture or you are tortured, you will have a scar… Read More

Nothing is too small

One day, in my first year of high school, I saw a classmate walking on his way home after school. His name was Maurice. He seemed to be carrying absolutely all his books. I told myself that he must be… Read More

iOS 7

Instead of writing a long post about iOS 7 and telling you why it sucks or why it’s great or how it’s better or worse than competitors, instead of writing information that you could very likely read anywhere on the… Read More

Opening hours of social media

Last week, news came out that a man spent $1000 on Twitter’s ad platform to complain about British Airways. It got the attention of the media and about 77000 travelers. What really caught my attention in the article was a… Read More

Keep your website from being framed

My interest in this topic rose when Lori Deschene, the founder of Tiny Buddha, wrote about her website being put in a frame by BlogHer. Having your website in a frame can confuse your visitors into thinking that your website… Read More

A website for Jennifer Santiago

Jennifer Santiago is an Emmy award-winning reporter, world traveler, photographer and attorney. She is currently the host and producer of Plum Daily, a news and entertainment program. It certainly was a privilege to work on her website. The process to… Read More

Website: Atlantic City International Film & Music Festival

It isn’t everyday that I get the chance to work on the website of a festival. In fact, for this one, it was never part of the plan for me to do it, one had already been done. I was… Read More

The basic principle of contracts

I hate contracts. I am not indifferent, I do not not like them, I completely hate them. Contract is one word to say “there is lack of trust and reliability”. Take cell phone companies that get customers to sign contracts…. Read More

Rebekka’s website, the design (2 of 2)

The first post I made on this subject was about everything that occurred before I started working on Rebekka’s website. This one will be about how I ended up making the website the way it is. “if i have a… Read More

Rebekka’s website, the beginnings (1 of 2)

Towards the end of August, I had the opportunity and tremendous honor to design the photo portfolio of one of the most popular and most acclaimed people on flickr: Rebbeka Guðleifsdóttir. The first time I came accross her photos on… Read More