12 weeks living in a car and some thoughts about community and individualism

Ça fait 12 semaines que j'habite dans une petite auto.

Here is what I know: the pursuit of freedom and independence is futile, stupid and foolish, on an individual scale as well as on an international scale.

I am talking to you people who think you don't need anybody to do anything and to validate yourself. You need people, specifically, you need to figure out in what ways you need people and in what ways you can do some things yourself.

I am also talking to you nations that want independence, specifically Quebec because I was born and grew up there.

The plane analogy of wearing your own mask first is a poor one. It applies pretty much no where else. Miserable people are often the most helpful people, because they don't just throw money at you, but they also throw time and effort.

The prioritization of individualism over community is making the western world miserable. Instead of saying “You can do it”, you should say “Let me help you” or “Try this” or “Have you [...]?”

What you really do when you say “You can do it” is push people to be alone. You would think you are pushing people to be confident in themselves, but it misses the most important aspect of confidence: the confidence to ask for help.