I didn't want to watch Don't Look Up, because I know reality


I told a friend I didn't need to watch this because it's reality and I recognize reality.

How do I know that? Because I addressed in my own life two huge things that help create a better environment for humans and all creatures: food and transport.

Food, by stopping to eat meat.

Transport, by starting to ride an electric unicycle.

Then, I watched it and this quote by Leo's character really embodies the way I feel. I'm trying to lead by example. I acknowledge you aren't ignoring the science... I also acknowledge you are doing nothing with your non-ignorance of the science. Maybe you're doing something, like not using plastic straws or not using single-use plastic bags, but it's 2022. The time for small things has passed.

Sure, start small, but at this point, as we are starting 2022, you will have to move fast to keep up, not with other humans, but with the environment.

The environment doesn't care about you. It will behave the way it does, whether it's to elevate or bring down humanity.

The biggest surprise to me in this movie, rather than any environmental and pandemic analogy, is Jennifer Lawrence's character and her obsession that I won't talk about 😆 She played her role with perfection.