A sequel to The Social Dilemma documentary?


Going through this article is like reading a sequel to the documentary The Social Dilemma.

Year after year, there is really nothing good about this network and it feels a lot like if Meta is a leader of the metaverse, it will be universe full of hate, racism, sexism, misogyny, etc; basically, a 3D version of the negativity already present on Facebook.

“When Trump's post about shooting looters was allowed to stand, engineers on Tribe boards (Facebook's internal group for employees) were openly asking if there were jobs at companies "willing to take a stance on their moral responsibility to the world—because Facebook doesn't seem to be it." An internal poll showed thousands of employees believed Zuck had made the wrong decision, and the company's first employee walkout followed.”

Reference/Trigger: Zuck is a lightweight, and 4 more things we learned about Facebook from 'An Ugly Truth'