Getting a new phone under 500$


My multiple falls from my electric unicycle didn't just damage my body, but my phone is also a casualty.

Last year, I starting planning for a new phone by creating a new goal in my financial app.

Yesterday, my phone started acting app with its power button being oversensitive and just executing actions on its own, so the time has come to use that fund and buy a new phone.

# Why I chose the Google Pixel 4a?

Since I bought a Nexus 5 secondhand in 2015 and had a good experience, I vowed never to buy a phone over 500$, because I just find it ridiculous to spend 1000$ for a phone.

Since then, I had the OnePlus X, Google Pixel and Google Pixel 3, all secondhand, all bought between 200 and 400$.

I looked up for a secondhand Pixel 4a, but the ads from random people didn't inspire trust, so I went for a new one which is “only” 480$. It's under my 500-rule, but it does bug me that taxes make it reach 550.

# There was another choice

On paper, the OnePlus Nord N10 5G is only 389$ and beats the Pixel 4a across the board on features and specifications. So why didn't I buy it?

The answer is simple. I am just too obsessed with taking photos, videos and saving them for free on Google Photos.

I must have seen 10 comparison videos on YouTube and the consensus about the camera is clear: the Pixel 4a comes out on top.

# A word about Google Photos

Regarding Google Photos, in summer 2021, it will no longer be free and only Google Pixel phones up to the Pixel 5 can still benefit from uploading for free. It only applies to high quality photos, not original quality, but that's always been more than good for me.

# Last words

If you don't care about camera and photos, you should get a OnePlus Nord N10 5G. There is no reason to get anything else, especially if it's over 500$.

As is the case with so many things, your choice comes down to what is important to you.