Getting sentimental about the best car of my life

Ah. cette auto... Elle va me manquer.

I don't get attached to things, but this car... This car will forever be associated with my summer 2022.

Alas, the right thing to do, for the future I want, is to find a different vehicle.

At the time I write this, I still own it, but I feel the end is nigh.

At only 144 000 kilometers, it still has a very long life, but it won't be with me.

It is absolutely the perfect car for anybody living in and around a city. It's also perfect to occasionally going doing distances like Montreal-Toronto or Montreal-NYC.

If you want, it will do Montreal-Los Angeles easily. Like I said, it still has a very long life.

Five years, ago, I purchased this car at an incredible price of 8000 CAD and it had only 75 000 kilometers on the odometer. It was a bargain.

Today, with 144 000 kilometers, it's worth over 10 000 CAD.

I find that completely insane!

As I write all this, I am thinking of keeping it even when I get another vehicle more appropriately for living on the road... Perhaps I could put it up for rent...

I hate getting sentimental about objects. Despite my feelings, I still very much recognize that it is just a car, just an object.

I use this photo to associate with this article because it wasn't easy to get to this specific spot. The road was very rocky, sandy and steep. Before going up there, I parked and walked to the slope to get a clearer picture and said “This looks like crap and I will probably fail, but I'm going to take this shot.”

I took the shot, I didn't fail and the prize was this magnificent view full of peace, serenity and joie de vivre with strong feelings of amazement and accomplishment.

It was also the full moon which kept me up because it was so bright and I was in awe.

This could very well be a sentimental ad to sell it... It really is an incredible car and I do have other arguments to sell it, such as how spacious it is for a seemingly tiny car.

Red Honda Fit 2013 at the top of a mountain overlooking mountains and a lake on a bright sunny day