Going out alone


For some reason, YouTube suggested this video to me.

Maybe Google knows I live alone between there is always only one living dot living at the coordinates where I am. At the same time, we are in a pandemic, so why would it suggest me to go to parties...

Anyway, I am no stranger to going out alone. A lot of people know this about me and it's quite fun to just bump randomly into people you know.

Heck, even when I don't go out alone, people can just go talk to people and I will be just fine. I am very capable of being alone in a group. I am judging everybody silently and it is very entertaining.

Unlike most people, I don't feel a need to communicate my judgment of anyone. In doing so, I get to see my judgment evolve and I am either right or wrong. I especially like those moments “Holy crap! I didn't see that coming”. In some ways, it's like watching a live tv show where you don't really know where things are going and you have no control over where things are going.

Basically, if you ever feel like going out, but you don't want to go alone, but you also want to meet people, I am perfectly suited for that situation and I am always down to have a drink.

I like to part where she mentions food at parties.