Jurassic Park (1993) and feminism

Jurassic Park (1993) was good on many levels, including feminism.

It called out sexism by literally including the word “sexism” in a context of calling it out.

It also had a girl tech nerd who insists on being called a hacker and she had her part to play in saving everybody.

While I praise the effort, the movie isn't without issue: it's full of white men and the presence of characters who aren't makes it scream tokenism rather than diversity and inclusivity.

There is a lot of great thing about this movie related to social issues that are very much relevant in 2022.

Something else I like in this movie and its sequel The Lost World is that every greedy character all get eaten. It marks the moment when you stop hearing about money. That's fun.

Yeah, I rewatched both of them last night.

If you look up “Jurassic Park feminism”, there is a lot more than what I just wrote.