Looking for ways to volunteer for research on mental health issues


There are individuals, teams, organizations trying to help people who have mental health issues.

How about individuals, teams, organizations who research people without mental health issues to prevent and help mental health issues?

I'm asking because I want to volunteer to help. I want to be studied, because if there is a brain you can't, or very difficult to, bring down, it's mine.

I don't care that much about breaking bones. The count in my life is currently at six and I would prefer to never break any other bone for the rest of my life, but my general behaviour in life makes it quite likely for many crazy crap to occur in my future.

That paragraph is just me accepting who I am... Oh... I suppose that is one key to use against mental health issues: acceptance of oneself.

I also don't reject the possibility that my views are symptoms of an undiagnosed mental health issue.

Anyway, where can people volunteer for research? (in Montreal, Canada)