Missing messaging elements in self-care and “do you”


What I am typing is about the messaging of people who push “Do you”.

When it comes to self-care, one of my issues is people pushing it don't talk about caring for others as one of the greatest element of self-care.

The topic of aging is a little related in the sense that some people care in a way that uses a lot of plastic surgery and all sorts of treatments and there are those who care in a way that lets biology and evolution do their thing.

In all cases, people are just doing them which brings me to a missing element in the messaging of people who push “Do you”.

If you are going to tell people “Do you”, then you have to let them.

See what eyes can't see and listen to what ears can't hear. You will find crucial things.

Reference/Trigger: Sarah Jessica Parker is not here for your 'misogynist' ageism