The Morning Show Season 2 is a mess and I love it, because life is all over the place


Season 1 was about #MeToo.

Season 2 takes place in winter-spring 2020 in a USA in which Biden wasn't elected yet and is being declared a pandemic.

That context is important to notice small scenes like the one where a racist idiot yells at an Asian person in the streets.

While the previous season was about sexual harassment, this season is about everything else which is a lot.

This season contains every issue taking place in the real world: coronavirus, cancel culture, racism, sexism, homophobia, LGBTQ, sexual harassment, workplace diversity, tokenism, cultural appropriation, mental issues, grief, anxiety, identity, friendship, family, zoom calls, getting a positive COVID test, etc. All of that, in a world with Twitter, Facebook and other social networks that amplify everything and every voice.

This is something I absolutely love about this show: it reflects today's messy complicated human reality. Yes, human reality. Humans create messes and complicates everything.

Even the characters are basically archetypes of humans in the real world. These characters are not the Avengers. There are no superpowers or suit of armour, they are just a bunch of humans you can bump into anywhere in the streets, the news or online.

The Morning Show illustrates reality brilliantly and the list of topics I just typed doesn't even scratch the surface of all the complexity.

There are many other major issues in the world such as climate change, education, famine and those topics are all absent so far. If The Morning Show gets renewed for a third and fourth season, humans have made so many messes and created so many complexities that there is no shortage of issues to tackle.