Respect + Happiness is contagious

I’ve been going out, at least once a week, to bars and restaurants (80% bars) since 2011. This year (2019), I’ve been going out 5-6 days per week.

This life experience is making me want to open a restaurant or bar and find a second in command whom I would give complete control to, except in situations of conflict.

In case you didn’t catch what I’m saying: I am looking for trouble and I only want to be involved when there is trouble. I LOVE solving problems. Even if I fail, I LOVE the PROCESS.

Through observation in the past eight years, it’s obvious to me that your second in command is the most important person, then comes the rest of your crew, then lastly, your customers.

Yes! Your clients and customers are last! When you keep your staff happy, they’ll be… Happy. Listen to those who want to spend time with their kids. Listen to those who want to spend time with their friends. Listen to those who want to travel the world. With their happiness and well-being comes motivation and more happiness and enjoyment of what one does and you never have to worry about customers, because they will feel the wonderful vibe from your staff, so they will feel happy too.

Happiness is fucking contagious.

Meanwhile, because I put so much trust and freedom in my second in command, I’ll be able to do whatever I want, with 0.0001% consequences.

This is called taking a leap of faith or in one word: investing.

Now… How do I put everything I just wrote to practice…

Anybody wants to take charge, but needs someone like me to invest time and/or money?

There’s another word for everything I just said: respect.

I don’t know how many words I just wrote, but they can all be summarised with one word: respect.

Where does this experience come from without serving anything? I’ve been going out religiously for eight years, often 3-4 times per week, more than people who go to church every week.

In that time, I’ve been listening to clients and staff alike. Everybody knows how annoying it is to listen to people complain and most people can’t endure that, but that’s what I’ve done and am still doing: endure.

I’ve reached a point where I am delighted to listen and endure.

One word: respect.