Self-care lacks empathy in its current form, because it ignores everybody else

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

I am very much against self-care as it is currently pushed. Specifically, it currently pushes “me me me me me me” as if there isn't an individualistic problem within humanity and individualism without thinking of others is what I am really against.

I have noticed at the turn of the year, advocates of self-care really take advantage of seasonal depression and the idea of resolutions to increase their revenue.

This is exactly like gyms taking advantage of people resolving to go to the gym and never go.

Self-care advocates tell you that if you are feeling down right now, they can help you improve in a few months. Give them a few more months and you will be even better.

Guess what that speech coincides with.


Everybody's mood, performance, productivity, well-being improves between January and summer in the northern hemisphere. Then, in the first half of autumn, you're still on your summer high and in the second half, it goes down.

Everything is cyclical.

There are self-care advocates who recognize this, but none of them will tell you that they will make you feel better from September to January. They don't stand a chance against nature; specifically the cyclical nature of nature.

Nature always wins.

Instead of going to self-care advocates, go see a therapist or psychologist or get a dog. Those are people who are trained to actually give you a proper shovel, instead of one from a dollar store, so you can truly, deeply, efficiently dig inside your soul.