Testing Google’s Recorder


What I’m sharing here is a test of Google’s new Recorder. Unfortunately, it’s currently only available for Google Pixel phones and the transcript feature works only in English.

The transcript feature has incredible accuracy and it’s my favourite thing about the app. In this test, I tried different accents and inserted “uh…” and pauses here and there and it ignores them successfully.

The biggest mistakes it made was typing “to” instead of “too” and “these” instead of “this”.

Punctuation and paragraphs could be improved, but for a first version, Google really used all the data we feed it.

Below, you can listen to the test I recorded while following Google’s incredibly accurate transcription, even if I’m just goofing around.

Hey, yo, what’s up there? Can you hear my accent? You know if you listen to me speaking English, this is not the way I speak normally but you know what? I’m testing this recorder on Android it just came out for all pixels except the first one. Well, maybe the first one to I’m not sure. But the best feature of this thing is transcript, you know, I can speak with any accent and yet it the transcript is very accurate. This is unbelievable. I love this thing. Damn. If you want to speak like these you can too and the transcript is still very very good. I am going to stop right now and this is long enough. I’m tired of testing this thing and I don’t like to speak a lot. Goodbye.

Recorder transcript