Wishing everyone a merry holiday!


A holiday idea just popped in my head and this is me executing it. ‌‌ Here’s the idea: I’m going to make web holiday cards starting at $20. ‌‌ For 20$, you get a base design in which you provide the content you want to put. That content can be copy, image, audio, video or some combination. ‌‌ If you want a custom card, let’s discuss details (long@longzero.com) and you can get something more elaborate like this holiday card.

If you want something in-between, the base design can be customized to address your clients by their name. ‌‌ Why would you want this? To wish merry holidays to you family, friends, clients and enemies of course! This offer is great for companies and freelancers who are looking to wish their clients to have a great holiday. ‌‌ Share this with your family, friends and bosses! ‌‌ What I call a web holiday card is… a holiday card, but on the web. It’s just one page that can have things like snow falling or gifts falling or reindeers and stars across the sky or many other possibilities combined, just like the examples above.